Ski Resorts


Valle Nevado:

Just an hour and a half from Santiago is the best known ski center in Chile, considered by many as the most developed in the southern hemisphere. It has a range of three hotels in different categories, along with an extensive network of lifts (elevators) that together allow access to the ski resorts El Colorado / Farellones and La Parva.



El Colorado:

Because of its extensive ski area and proximity to Santiago, the ski resort is more demand among Chilean skiers with wide tracks and extensive, making it ideal for snow sports learning. The Colorado has a more familiar infrastructure because it only has a few private buildings and apart-hotels, which together with the Parva, Farellones and Valle Nevado, the largest ski area in South America.




It is the first mountain village that was formed in Chile and the first ski center we see going up the mountain. Formerly it was frequented by adventurers and carriers in search of ancient Inca treasures, as it was common to find traces of their settlements. Currently it has become a picturesque mountain village, with its wood and stone shelters that give a unique attraction to this place.



La Parva:

It is considered the most exclusive ski resort in Chile, with the largest real estate infrastructure of ski resorts near Santiago. There are hotels and apart hotels and visitors are the country's wealthiest families. La Parva has one of the best ski schools in Chile, with a team of 70 certified instructors, plus an easy ascent carpet who practice skiing for the first time.




Portillo is the oldest ski area in South America, and today, one of the largest in Chile and South America. It is located in the Andes, at 2,860 meters above sea level and less than 6 km from the border with Argentina. Here is the Laguna del Inca, 4 km turquoise water like a mirror, reflecting the high peaks that surround it.